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Freshwater Fishing

The freshwater fishing here is dynamic and explosive! Many of my sea angling customers have experienced some truly memorable ‘Experiences of a Lifetime’ catching Siamese carp in excess of 100lb; arapaima to 300lb and Mekong catfish to 350lb plus many more truly amazing species from several incredible fisheries that we visit.

Fishing at Krabi

Stuart Gillham used to be one of our sea angling customers in Weymouth. He moved out to Krabi, Thailand, some years ago and created what is considered by many to be the best fishery in the world! That is not an exaggerated description. Take a look yourself  We have enjoyed some truly amazing fishing there.

Fishing at Phang Gna

And now, in the past couple of years, Canadian Mike Bailey has created an equally spectacular fishery, called Exotic Fishing Thailand,  just North of Phuket Island. Mike has now opened up his new accommodation facilities and the grounds are becoming ever more scenic as the plants have become established. We have already enjoyed many trips there and, because of its proximity to Phuket, E.F.T  can be easily reached on a daily basis. Again, access the website and have a look.

I cannot over-compliment these two venues. They are incredible and if you go to either, you will never forget them. It is worth travelling the 6,000 miles to Thailand just to fish at either of these resorts!


Fishing at Udon Thani 

This year (2019) we visited Lek's Fishing Park Udon Thani which is a 90 minutes plane ride northeastwards from Phuket. Udon Thani is much cheaper (hotels; food etc) than Phuket. We enjoyed amazing fishing at Lek's with lots of arapaima and monster catfish. One angler and long term Offshore Rebel customer,  Russell Shaw from Bournemouth landed 1 ton of fish in two days with us in January this year!!!! And Doug, the owner of Lek's, is really the most welcoming and entertaining chap you could meet.



We fish at our 'local' fishery, opened in late 2016, called the Chalong Fishing Park, a lot. This is a much smaller project than the two fisheries and Lek's as described above but it is priced accordingly and offers a whole variety of hard fishing catfish, carp, pacu and other Asian species….and it is just 10 minutes from the house!! And owner Jez, from London, provides excellent service with great food and cold beers on site!


We still fish the original Phuket Fishing Park which is now called Phuket Bualuang Fishing Park. This is Thai owned and run. We use my tackle for this lake (or bring your own). We catch a lot of fish here and, after a couple of recent years of the lake offering very basic facilities indeed, it seems an effort is being made this year (2019) to improve the appearance etc. However, we are there to catch fish....and we can take pack lunches and drinks etc which you cannot do at the lakes mentioned in a way being so basic has its attractions and it is priced accordingly.

All these venues can be accessed via Facebook. Just Google or search Facebook for their names (Gillhams Fishing, Exotic Fishing Thailand, Lek's Fishing, Chalong Fishing Park, Phuket Bualuang Fishing Park, Phuket Fishing Park) and sit back and enjoy the reading and some great photographs.

Specialist tackle is provided at all these venues but my own sponsors, Grauvell, have provided excellent tackle which is appropriate for use at the Phuket Bualuang Fishing Park and which you are welcome to use…free!

Phuket Fishing Park is still run by Aussie Chris. We do go there's just a bit far to travel when we have 2 fishing venues much closer to the house.


It is better to contact Gillhams and Exotic Fishing Thailand and Lek's direct as regards bookings although I am happy to assist if it makes things easier for you. All the contact information is on each fishing resort's website.


When you are on holiday at my house, we can usually just phone up a day or two before and book some fishing at one of the local Phutet lakes which are Chalong Fishing Park or Phuket Bulaluang Fishing Park.

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