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Exploring Phuket - Thailand

There's just so much to do and see for the adventurous!


There are so many places to explores and experience in Phuket and Phang Gna to the north of Phuket. It's fun to just drive yourself in your hire car but for those who have no desire to experience the unique driving techniques of the locals, then a Thai driver with car or mini bus for larger groups can be hired on a daily basis.


Also, internal flights in Thailand are cheap and very efficient. You do not have to remain on Phuket! Why not choose another area or Thai City to visit or even cross over to Cambodia, for example, and experience the truly amazing Angkor Wat Temples or head south into Malaya to visit Singapore?


A very popular trip is to visit the famous Bridge Over The River Kwai area with its superb Australian run museums. If you  allow yourself several days in Bangkok, the trips on the main river, the Chao Praya, are essential...especially at is a visit to the very rarely tourist visited Ancient City to the north of Bangkok. A trip to the Ancient City will teach you much about Thailand,Thai Culture and History; it is an unforgettable experience. Any of these trips, flights and hotels can be arranged and booked online from my house in Phuket using that amazing gadget...the computer!


There are great shows in Phuket such as the Siam Niramit show which again will explain plenty about Thailand's past and now, just opened, is a Thai Culture Show within walking distance of the house....


Phuket Elephant sanctuary

There is still elephant trekking on offer in Thailand and Phuket but its popularity has decreased dramatically in the time I have been here with many tourists seeing such an activity as somewhat inappropriate. The 'in thing' now is to visit elephant sanctuaries of which there are several in Phuket. The very best one is called:  the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary. They have an excellent web site...see below


If you like elephants....take a look at this.....very impressive. Guests who have visited it report it to be a very worthwhile experience.


There's much more to do...and I am on hand to give you plenty of additional ideas to your own.


Phuket has the best beaches in Thailand. They are on the West side of the island. If roasting on the beach is your idea of heaven...then you have it all there for you. May you roast in heaven and come back pink. Check out the map. Patong and Karon are the busiest beaches whilst Kata Bay and the small beaches further south, particularly Nai Harn and Ya Nui,  are much quieter and offer far better snorkelling and fishing.


We have a map in  the house showing 42 beaches in Phuket. Get in your Hire Car, take a picnic and a cool box full of drinks. We have beach mats and umbrellas; snorkles and fishing tackle for you to use...all free!....and go where the tourists do not! Have an Adventure!!!!


Close to the house is Wat Chalong. You will probably know that there are many impressive temples in Thailand. It's worth going to Bangkok and taking a river ride at night to sea the truly impressive temples on the riverside. Trust me, you will not forget these sights. And it's well worth spending some time (if you have any!) taking in one or two of these riverside major temples...they are  mind blowing.

But Wat Chalong in Phuket is good and very well worth a visit for a few hours. It will give you a taste of what Buddhism is about....and a sense of the never ending noise that accompanies Thai religious life. You'll know what I mean when you go there!!! There's even an English Guide Book to this Temple to help you understand the various building, pictures and images written!!

Phuket Town is developing fast and is a mixture of new top range shows mingled with little Thai restaurants and stalls. It's also got a very good multi -Cinema. You can buy tickets to the very top range seats...which are luxurious sofa at the back of the cinema and lounge about feeling pretty important for about £5! Although it might be barmy even mentioning a cinema under the heading of culture, I do so because of a trilogy that is currently taking Thailand by storm. In 1550 to 1605, a charismatic leader merged in Thai History named Pra Naresuan. It will show you a major part of Thailand's history of which the Thai's are incredibly'll be able to show off your extensive knowledge of Thai Culture at the local that will impress the locals!!

Siam Niramit Thai Culture show.

Just Google Siam Niramit Phuket and you will be taken into the web site for the Phuket Thai Culture show. You have to's some spectacle with no expense spared. Combined with dinner and a wander around the side attractions before the main performance..this is a great evening. And again, you can show off to your friends that much of the Thai culture comes originally from the Indian myth the Ramayama which as it progressed eastwards through Asia was rewritten in Thai style by Rama 2 in 1805 and renamed the Ramakian.  And if you ARE interested in this side of Thai culture click the link above and it's all there!

Have a Great Time in Thailand and Phuket!

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